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These 5 things can happen if you do not attend to your home’s moisture problems

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09:13 AM

What’s that smell? 


The musty smell from mould spores feeding on nutrient moisture dense surfaces in your home could be the first sign that you and your home’s in trouble. Mould affects people very differently. Some people exposed to it can suffer from irritated eyes, sneezing and coughing. But, for others, mould can lead to asthma attacks and severe lung problems. 


Cooking, washing, showering/bathing and exercising creates loads of moisture! There are litres of water brought into your home every day just flowing through the pipes. If you don’t address it some pretty rotten things can occur. 


When it comes to moisture, time does not heal all wounds. The destruction that inevitably takes place as time goes by can cause considerable damage to your home. Here are the unfortunate results of moisture damage to a home: 


  1. Mould growth, timber decay and that musty smell.Poor subfloor ventilation, water pooling under your house or blocked vents are three of the leading causes for mould to grow. The best way to combat this is to air it out. Fans, aircons, and dehumidifiers can improve the situation tenfold. If the moisture and humidity aren’t addressed, you could find yourself with unsalvageable floors and walls. 


  1. Fungi can appear with too much moisture in your home and cause severe warping and cupping of wooden floors and furniture. Paint blisters and disintegrated wallpaper are apparent signs of moisture damage. If left for too long wooden structures in your house begin to swell with moisture, warp and split apart. 


  1. Demons in the attic.Water stains appearing on the walls also means ceiling stains are likely to occur, along with mould and puddles on your floor. If there’s electrical wiring in your attic or ceiling, the situation could become extremely dangerous. You need to work out where the water/moisture is coming from and replace and repair any existing damage. 


  1. Bugs, bugs, and more bugs.Now, an average humidity level in your home is needed to feel comfortable, but too much moisture in your place can cause some significant issues AND impact on your health. Bugs thrive in humid and mouldy conditions, especially dust mites. Mould loves humid conditions too! Many microorganisms thrive in humid conditions which is really concerning considering the allergies and asthmatic conditions they can cause. 


  1. Kiss your electronics goodbye.Not only is moisture in your home, damaging for your health but also your prized possessions. It is the number one electronics killer. It can corrode the inside of devices and cause short-circuiting and electronics to fail. The best way to protect your stored electronics or other valuable items is by putting them in sealed plastic boxes with dehumidifying satchels. 


There are many solutions available to you to help maintain healthy humidity and moisture levels in your home and avoid any further problems. The adverse effects on your home are most likely to occur when they go unnoticed or are not dealt with in a timely manner. Don’t continuously expose your home to high humidity, or you’ll pay the price.