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Concrete Repairs

What Is Concrete Spalling

When the steel rebar within a concrete slab corrodes and expands, it displaces the concrete around it, causing it to crack and disintegrate.

Signs and symptoms of concrete cancer

  • Cracked concrete (concrete spalling)
  • Rust stains leaking out of the concrete
  • Water leaks from concrete surfaces

When concrete spalling or cracking is evident in areas such as concrete balconies and building facades an assesment should be made to identify and rectify the problem.

Concrete spalling is not only unsightly, but it can become dangerous as pieces of concrete may fall from the strucure. The integrity of the structure may also be compromised as the concrete cancer accelerates.

Causes Of Concrete Cancer

There are a number of reasons your building may have spalling concrete.

  • Poor workmanship during construction
  • Low concrete cover to steel reinforcement bar
  • Carbon dioxide ingression to the rebar causing corrosion
  • Chloride ingression to the concrete causing rebar corrosion
  • Weight bearing stress fractures or years of general wear allow water to penetrate cracks in the concrete and react with the rebar

We can help you! AntiDamp WA provide a range of concrete repair solutions. Simply contact us to discuss you needs or to arrange an inspection.

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