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Rising Damp

What is rising damp?

Rising damp results from water being drawn up from the ground by capillary action. Due to natural evaporation from the surface of walls, rising damp rarely occurs above a height of 1.5 metres unless forced higher by being sandwiched between 2 impervious layers of render, paint or wall paper. Temporary measures like cleaning the surface, re-plastering or repainting can actually make the situation worse.

The rising damp also carries with it hydroscopic salts (nitrates, sulphates and sodium chloride) and as dampness evaporates from the wall surface the salts are deposited in the plasterwork, which build up into a concentration that can absorb moisture from the air making the situation critical.

Why does rising damp occur?

Rising damp may be caused by a lack of damp proof course in the construction, or by soil debris bridging the existing damp proof course. Other effects such as garden beds draining under the house or concrete paths directly against the wall, can often enhance the problem.

How can rising damp be prevented?

Step 1

Our fully qualified Antidamp WA specialists will carry out a full survey on your premises to diagnose the cause of the damp problem. If rising damp is the problem then...

Step 2

The extent of rising damp will be identified with electronic moisture meters. Wall coverings, render/plaster etc. will be removed to expose masonry or brick work.

Step 3

A new damp proofing system will be installed to create a new damp proof course. Antidamp WA offer 2 different systems to combat rising damp - Chemical injection and Lectros. Our technician will determine which system is best suited to the conditions. More information on these systems is detailed below. It is not necessary to evacuate the premises either during or after installation.

Step 4

All rubbish and waste material will be removed. Render and/or plaster can then be reinstated leaving your repaired wall area ready for redecoration. The modern systems and materials we use are the best available in the prevention of rising damp. Our procedures are reliable and proven to succeed, as well as being safe, odourless and non toxic.


Antidamp WA have a proud reputation of delivering the best customer service possible. All repairs conducted by Antidamp WA are fully guaranteed. (click here for details)

Antidamp WA only use the best system to combat rising damp:

Chemical Injection

Pressure injection along the identified damp course line with a unique silicone emulsion cream (Drytech – Ultracure). Installation takes place through drilled injection holes using specially designed pumps and lances to create a new damp proof course. Drytech – Ultracure is a practical and environmentally safe product for use in the prevention of rising damp.

 Simply contact us to discuss the details of your rising damp problem.