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Leaking Showers


Leaking shower recess

Leaking shower recesses are a problem found within many households in Australia. If left untreated, penetrating moisture can damage adjacent walls, floors and skirting boards, and may become a source of attraction for white ants. The bubbling of paint work and the crumbling of plaster on the reverse side of the shower wall are common symptoms of a leaking shower recess

Why do showers leak?

The tiles and grout within a shower recess are not waterproof materials. At the time of construction, showers should be built with a waterproofing membrane underneath the tiled surface. The most common cause of leaking showers is failure of this waterproofing membrane. Membranes fail for a variety of reasons. Some of those are:

  • natural movement in the building structure
  • incorrect application techniques
  • breakdown of materials over time
  • accidental damage at time of installation
  • failure to install waterproofing membrane


We can help you! Antidamp WA provide a range of waterproofing solutions to suit all budgets. Most leaking showers can be fixed in one quick visit of approximately 2 hours.

The shower can be used the next day and we don't need to remove tiles. Treatments performed by Antidamp WA are guaranteed. (click here for details)


Your next step

Simply contact us to discuss the details of your leaking shower recess.

Prefer a DIY option? Visit our DIY leaking shower and purchase an Antidamp Leaking shower kit.