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Do Not DIY Waterproof Your Home

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15:12 PM

Many homeowners are often tempted to take up DIY home projects such as painting the walls, installing adhesive tiles in the kitchen, restyling old shelves, and so many others. The internet is full of ideas, hacks, and DIY methods that help one do things on their own without having to spend a lot of money.

Some people even go as far as following DIY methods for waterproofing their home, particularly their basement at fairly low costs.

While you might be quite tempted to waterproof your home for cheap and follow some random tutorial or video online, it is not exactly a great idea.

There are numerous risks involved in waterproofing your home on your own, including health concerns and structural damages.

Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t DIY waterproof your home and should let a professional do the job for you.

Risk of Using Wrong Waterproofing Materials

One common issue associated with the majority of DIY home projects is the risk of using the wrong materials. When waterproofing your home on your own by following a video or a step-by-step guide, it is possible that you might end up using the wrong coating materials or sheets required in the process.

On top of that, DIY projects are meant to offer easy solutions, and many a time, they provide cheap alternatives to bring the cost. So, you run a great risk of using the wrong or low-quality waterproofing materials for your home.

Lack of Speed and Efficiency

To waterproof your home, you need great speed and efficiency, considering the fact that it’s such a labour-intensive job. There are so many steps involved in the entire process, some of which require you to be really fast and efficient.

Many homeowners start digging a hole on the exterior of their home when waterproofing their basement, for instance, but fail to finish the process due to several reasons.

So, if you don’t have the time, energy, speed, or the skills required to get the job done, it’s best that you leave it up to the professionals.

Health Issues

Let’s assume that you actually follow a DIY project to waterproof your home and do end up getting the job done. However, it is possible that you didn’t do a perfect job and, perhaps, forgot to seal a few wall cracks.

The next time it rains, all the water and moisture will definitely seep inside your basement, resulting in musty smells, growth of mould and mildew which might trigger illnesses and allergies for the people living in your home.

This can lead to serious health implications, and to prevent that from happening, hire a professional for waterproofing your home.

Bottom Line

It is quite obvious that following a DIY project to waterproof your home can cost you a lot, not just in terms of money, but also your health and the structural foundation of your home.

Make sure to get in touch with a professional or a waterproofing company to ensure a safe, effective, and efficient solution for your home.