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Obvious Reasons to Get Your Waterproofing Done In the Warmer Months

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22:03 PM

The summer months bring frequent rains that can be damaging to the foundation and structure of your home. When the foundation gets damaged, rainwater makes its way into your basement. It’s ideal for waterproofing your basement at the beginning of the summer season before the onset of rain showers and before winter when the ground is likely to freeze from the cold and snow. Waterproofing also keeps your home well insulated and safe from cold winter draughts.

Read on as we look at the key reasons why waterproofing your basement is best during the warmer months:

1.    It Dries Faster

Any waterproofing work done around your house will cure and set faster under the higher temperatures and the warm sun of the summer months. Low temperatures and snow during the winter will only prolong the job during which you’ll also have to deal with the icy breeze flowing through your house.

2.    It Keeps Melting Snow Out of Your House

By waterproofing your house before the colder months begin, you are saving yourself the trouble of cleaning up snowy puddles in your basement. The more it snows, the more water will seep into your house once the white mass starts melting.

Waterproofing takes time: the process begins with your contractor examining your property and making plans for the amount of waterproofing required, the time it will take to be completed and how long it will be until it is set and dried. If you decide to do all this after you’ve dealt with the snow, the water damage will already be done and the job will only take longer in the cold weather. 

Even in the winter months, temperatures may fluctuate and when they rise above freezing point, the snow will rapidly turn into freezing slush, making its way into your basement.

3.    It Keeps the Foundation of Your House Intact

If your house is starting to show cracks in the foundation and the lower boundaries due to extreme moisture exposure, the waterproofing job will only be more time consuming and costly. It’s important for you to be ready for the spring and winter months and waterproof your house before any water leaks actually occur.

Waterproofing Your Home

Waterproofing isn’t just a need for houses with basements. Even a house that is very old or has a somewhat weak foundation may face water seepage during both rain showers and when the snow melts. It’s important to hire someone who has the expertise to set up an anti-damp or waterproofing system that will withstand harsh weather conditions and shows a skilled level of masonry.

Regardless of whether you need to fix old waterproofing that has worn out or are installing it for the first time, Anti Damp WA will run a complete check of the foundations of your house and waterproof it for good.