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What Happens If Your Home Is Not Properly Waterproofed?

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10:01 AM

Waterproofing the apartment is an essential part of home maintenance. It is when all the objects are impervious to water, which means that the water cannot enter the property's premises. It is not restricted only to the beads of water but also to the moisture that tends to ruin the surface of the walls. It also includes regulating the drainage system that might wreck the sturdy construction of the building.

What Happens if Your Home is Not Properly Waterproofed?

All the building inhabitants will suffer severe consequences if the building hasn't been waterproofed properly. The following are some instant damages you need to look out for:


1.     The Cracks Will Start Appearing in the Foundation Wall

The biggest threat to the foundation wall is the intrusion of water. Water leakage can wreck a building's foundation very easily. It can be because of rainfall or snowfall, or the soil moisture might also wreck your house's foundation. It gets worse as the building's weight wears out the foundation over time.

If your home is not properly waterproofed, the cracks in the foundation wall will start to appear, indicating that the foundation is deteriorating with time. These cracks can also be caused by poor construction material, water seepage from the ground, or expansion or contraction of the soil.


2.     You Will Have to Bear a Pungent Smell in the House

Moisture damage can cause a musty smell inside the house. These smells can be pungent for the inhabitants of the building, causing them to leave the premises. If you ever experience this smell, know that it is time to waterproof your home properly! It is a direct indicator that the water leakage is building up the mould and mildew within the house's walls and floors. Not only will this smell be unbearable, but it will also cause structural damage to the building. 


3.     You Might Experience Frequent Roof Leaks

In most cases, roof leaks are a result of water leakage or excessive dampness over the ceiling. Just as floors are prone to water dampness, the ceilings of your house can also get severely affected due to water leakage. You will experience several leaks simultaneously or one episode after another. Therefore, waterproofing the apartment is essential.


4.     The Drainage System Will Become Inefficient

If you haven't waterproofed your house, the moisture might accumulate in the moisture-prone areas and disrupt the drainage system. A poorly functional drainage system can be highly ineffective, which can cause many problems at once. For instance, the sump pumps might fail, causing a major financial expenditure. In addition to that, if your house isn't waterproof, you will have to face severe consequences. The entire drainage system might get overloaded, which can take a heavy toll on your pocket.

Waterproofing your house is essential to save yourself from all the problems mentioned in this article. If the damage gets worse, you might not be able to endure it. Not to mention, the financial hit will be hard to take.